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      Shanghai Fenghui Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a new productive force, new economy, new industrialization and international enterprise. The enterprise plate mainly involves China's high-end special steel, auto parts, heavy equipment, tunnel hard rock boring machine (TBM), shield machine tools, walkway plates and other tunnel construction supporting products, high-strength wire rollers, wire rolling plates, hot runner molds and other molds Intelligent office equipment and accessories, industrial aluminum profile are integrated enterprises integrating R & D, manufacturing and service.

      Fenghui industrial technology has formed a strategic cooperative relationship with Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Great Wall Special Steel Co., Ltd. the two sides jointly build China's high-end special steel brand to meet the high-precision demand of the market based on the core concept of professional and accurate service and win-win. The "FH" series high-end special steel jointly developed in recent years has been used in various fields, and the market feedback is good. During the epidemic, Fenghui industrial technology and great wall special steel of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group jointly developed the most high-quality special steel "fhctps-1" for medical melt blown cloth mold spinneret, which made due responsibilities and obligations for the epidemic. The special steel "fhmv, fh11" for wire rolling die, wire rolling wheel, welded pipe die and roll has been developed successively; Special steel "fhdg01" for shield hob with complex geology such as hard rock and granite; Special steel for hot forging die "fhrd02"; Special steel for hot runner die "fhct414vh"; Special steel for industrial aluminum profile mold "fh13" and other high-quality special steel. According to the market demand and industry personalization, we will make every effort to improve the steel-making process, forging, heat treatment and other aspects, so as to improve the quality and better serve the terminal special steel application enterprises in various industries.

      In order to better serve the market, at the same time, our company has built a domestic 24-hour AI free service center in the field of high-end special steel, [service hotline: 4008200520] mainly to help the upstream and downstream industrial chain of special steel industry and end enterprise users solve problems free of charge anytime and anywhere, so as to realize more convenient and professional services in the field of special steel, It can connect and talk with many national authoritative experts in the field of special steel in real time, so as to realize zero distance communication between steel enterprises and end users. At the same time, gradually form industry standardization, promote the construction of industry standardization, and be a pathfinder for the application of Chinese artificial intelligence to entities.

      The company always puts the performance of social responsibility in a prominent position, adheres to the core values of "heart", "faith" and "confidence", serves the market with better products, finds problems, solves problems, creates wealth, and is committed to becoming an international enterprise with new productivity.


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