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Development of high-end special steel

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Despite the epidemic, the pace of industrial development is still firmly moving forward. In February 2022, Yu Haolan, assistant general manager of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Li Qiang, general manager of Panzhihua changte and Wang haibiao, chairman of Shanghai Fenghui Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. had a detailed exchange on the joint development of high-end special steel materials. Since the cooperation between Panzhihua changte and Fenghui industry, the two sides have created win-win results and worked together to expand the scope of cooperation, The scale of cooperation has increased steadily. In order to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides, give full play to their respective advantages, jointly build China's high-end special steel brand, carry out long-term cooperation in serving the high-end market, supply-demand relationship and other fields, and promote the deep integration, benign development and mutual support of the two sides and upstream and downstream industrial chains. The two sides are strategic partners of each other in terms of resource guarantee, contract delivery, business policies, market development, R & D and services, product procurement, industrial chain extension, digital and efficient online services (National 24-hour special steel free technical service hotline: 4008-200-520) Market segments and products developed in recent years have been discussed and deployed in detail: resource sharing adheres to the route of high-end special steel materials as the main direction according to the national 14th five year plan! Give full play to the complementary advantages of resources between the two sides, adjust the process of some high-end core products of FH series to double vacuum pure alloy smelting and other process routes, and contribute to Pangang Fenghui to realize the substitution of domestic high-end materials for imported products. Achieve high-quality development of both sides.

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